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La conduite autonome


Research To anticipate The anticipation, and the development go through technology intelligence which is composed of several fields. We have to: Pay close attention to the new manufacturing methods (3D …

Intégration radar sur voiture


INTEGRATION The integration of radars on cars represents a major issue, as well as for clients than for suppliers, coupled with a technical challenge. Indeed, in most cases, cars manufacturers …


Designing, Organizing, Analyzing the risks, Implementing, Validating  Designing We have to design production process very early when new products are developed. The designing tools of the production process are: Design …


Understanding, Organizing, Scheduling, Teaching, and Mastering To understand It is necessary to constantly understand the techno-economic context of a company, to differentiate the production typologies and to identify the problematics …

Our key figures

years old. It was created in 1998.
1 000 000
radars delivered: 2002-2017
2 000 000
radars delivered: 2020 goal
Record of days without any accident