Mickael Leon – Plant manager

Photo de Mickael Leon, directeur du site Autocruise à Plouzané

I joined Autocruise in 2000, after my mechanical engineer studies. I was attracted by the technical challenges, and the international environment of the company, where partnership and results imperatives prevail.

Autocruise is also a company which allows its employee to learn and evolve. She acknowledges the personal commitment done towards joint success.

The company allowed me to evolve from production engineer, to the Plant Manager I am today.


Chandra Davouloury – Quality engineer

Photo de Chandra Davouloury ingénieur qualité à Autocruise

I came to Autocruise in 2012, as a quality engineer. There, I discovered a very dynamic environment, and a team cohesion, which put me at ease from the very beginning.

Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, automatic learning, are words that fascinates as much as they strike. To be part of this development is for me an opportunity to expand my skills, and to broaden my knowledge within this major company of the automotive industry.

I was also initiated to organic gardening, as we have a vegetable garden. This activity contributes to the nice work environment and captures the team spirit of the group.


Laurent Malherbe – Logistics manager

Photo de Laurent Malherbe responsable logistique à Autocruise

After an important first job experience in a logistics platform of a French car manufacturer, I have been given the opportunity to implement the logistics department of Autocruise.

My role evolves at the same time as the company. I was able to put into practice some new process, allowing us to answer with flexibility to the growing needs of our clients. And also to be surrounded by new team members, in a spirit of friendliness, trust, and professionalism.


 Cécile Podeur – Head of Human Ressources

Photo de Cécile Podeur, Directrice des Ressources Humaines à Autocruise

I have been a generalist Human Resources Specialist for more than twenty years.

I enjoy the complementarity of this work: administrative expert, key partner, driven by change and listening to the employees.

I worked in various fields such as food-processing, health, finance, and now, the automotive industry.

I am glad to have joined ZF Autocruise in 2013, this innovative and dynamic company is like a family. Where an infectious energy and the pride of a work well-done prevail.


Loïc Arzel – Production support

Photo de Loïc Arzel support production à Autocruise

Before working at Autocruise, I was a cabinetmaker. When I decided to go through a career change, I wanted to work either in modern technologies, or in relation to the automotive world. Luckily, the company combines both. 

I have been working for five years in the company, and I have seen it expand. Even though, the spirits of my beginnings remain, especially the team spirit.

Cars are a passion, which can be dangerous. What I can find in my everyday work, is that I know that I contribute to make this sector safer, by manufacturing driver assistance systems for cars.


Jean-Marc Serralta – Quality manager

Photo de Jean-Marc Serralta responsable qualité à Autocruise

After various professional experiences, I took office at Autocruise to develop the activity related to quality. There, I found an exceptional work environment, as the start-up spirit of the beginnings subsists.

The motivation, the continuous improvement of our work methods, stays the key points that allow the company to grow.

I am a motorcycle passionate, a risky sport, where the anticipation is of paramount importance. An element I can use in my everyday work of quality manager.


July Paola – R&D Engineer

Photo de July ingénieur R&D à Autocruise

I came to Brest from Colombia in 2011, as part of an engineer work placement at Autocruise.

After my PhD in electronics, I was hired in 2017. I am part of the R&D team, where I give car manufacturers guidelines on the optimum position of radars on their cars. 

I also work at the design and development of new antennas technologies for radars of the future.


Gaëlle Ollivry – Assistant

Photo de Gaëlle assistante à Autocruise

I have been at Autocruise since 2016, as an assistant. I work with all the departments of the company with my colleague.

The tasks given to us are wide and rich, and I like this versatility. Most of all this is the human factor which is one of the key point of my work, where I am one of the faces of the reception desk of the company. I work in a global environment; where I can leverage my language studies. My job constantly evolves, as well as the enterprise.

I am a singing, knitting, and crochet fan. All are excellent anti-stress!


Jeannal Bourget – Engineer in project management

Ingénieur gestion de projet

After several jobs as a quality engineer, I came to Autocruise in September 2018.

I work on the launching of new products within the plant. It is a very satisfying job including various interactions with different departments and countries. At my level, I am the cordinator between the plant and the teams of ZF. I have to ensure the implementation of actions in order to consider the deadlines and to guarantee the clients’ satisfaction.

I feel great at Autocruise, where the employees are dynamic and athletic.