Designing, Organizing, Analyzing the risks, Implementing, Validating 


We have to design production process very early when new products are developed. The designing tools of the production process are:

  • Design For Manufacturing: designing teams are involved as soon as the project is launched. During DFM meetings, in order to identify the keys characteristics of the product, as well as possibly modifying it to obtain a better producibility.
  • Lean Line Design : as soon as a new project launches, an LDD team is formed. This multidisciplinary team aim is to design a mock-up line in real size, which takes into account the Lean principles.


As part of the project management, the identification of elementary tasks and their sequencing allow us to elaborate in a very precise manner the industrialization schedule.

To analyze the risks

The anticipation makes it possible to foresee the means, the equipment, and the detection or faults systems, thanks to a very precise risk analysis. The Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis is used as early as the design part of the assembly means.

To implement

The implementation of means and equipment is made in successive review stages with equipment and tooling suppliers.

To validate

The validation of each workstation goes through capacity and capability measures. The evaluation technics are measure means, as for example the Measurement System Analysis. Which allow us to guaranty that the products will be tested in good conditions.