Understanding, Organizing, Scheduling, Teaching, and Mastering

To understand

It is necessary to constantly understand the techno-economic context of a company, to differentiate the production typologies and to identify the problematics of processes management.

To organize

It is important to organize the production flow early in their implementation means, and to involve the ergonomic expert on each workstation of the production department. As well as realizing manufacturing process in order to standardize the processes, and to minimize the security and products risks.

To schedule

The scheduling of activities is of paramount importance. We have to, thanks to information tools, plan the client needs, and create a production schedule.

To teach and produce

The production of high technology products goes through the training course of process operators with rigor and exactitude, with pedagogy. And by taking into account the manufacturing process.

To master

We have to master the main parameters and management tools: stock, MRP, Kanban. Moreover, the concepts of waste reducing, flexibility and reactivity are a day-to-day task we have to manage. To do so, we identify and calculate the indicators allowing to manage and follow the daily processes.