To anticipate

The anticipation, and the development go through technology intelligence which is composed of several fields.

We have to:

  • Pay close attention to the new manufacturing methods (3D printing, …)
  • Associate and combine the new technologies (Substrate Integrated Waveguide, 3D antenna, …)
  • Anticipate the modulations of tomorrow (coded modulations, …)
  • Implement and develop new algorithms of RF signals
  • Participate to the advancement of international regulations (approval, ETSI and EUroNcap norms)
  • Select and specify the components of the future generations of radars

To innovate

Innovation consists in merging the ideas identified during the technology intelligence period. In order to introduce news solutions, new concepts, and to go further than the latest developments.


During the designing of the high-frequency , the algorithms, and the mechanical parts, we have to keep in mind the feasibility, achievement and question s in real time. So as to reach an operational product (which check the specifications), which can be industrialized (to be given to the production lines), and reliable (so that it can be used on the road for a long lifespan).

To analyze and validate

The product validation in heatchamber (which is an ideal environment), and on the road allows us to validate the development process. The data analysis is a key point which makes it possible to approve the overall work done beforehand. And it permits us to compare the results to the expectations we have, as well as to estimate the existing deviations, to be able to continue to progress and to develop the final product. 

Design and prototyping


The stakes of advanced design Product/Process are of major importance to reach the ambition of industrial excellence which carries us.

This philosophy falls under the performances, quality, and costs goals, as well as of deadlines more and more ambitious concerning products of high technology.

To prepare

The preparation of future products, infrastructures, and assembly technics consist of an essential work, prior to any large-scale project.

Technology intelligence is as the center of this mechanism.

​​To validate

The assembly process defined to make prototypes which correspond to the expectations of the designing department, as wells as projects manager, but also of clients, allow us to validate concepts.

These concepts are technical solutions developed at each milestone of the project. They constitute an anticipation strength and a mastered risk management.